Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fitna Geert Wilders Interview

Here below an interview of Geert Wilders:

We need guys like him! The Western world is suffering again from a kind of pacifist compex like during the 1930's: if the nazy were able to overthrow the German democracy it was because the Western world was complacently sleeping!

We won't let the Muslim extremists - as dumb and dangerous as the nazis - overthrow our democratic values!

Freedom of speech and freedom of information are stronger than any religious group!


Anonymous said...

I m a Muslim for 35 years. Muslims know well that Islam has this dangerous potentiality and sometimes has no mercy even for its followers. For example if you are born a Muslim, you can not change your religion! You are easily condemned to death by Islamic rules.
History shows that Islam needs blood to be survived. You can see this by numerous religious orders which ask for killing its critics
everywhere in the world like Salman Rushdi ,many others, and now Geert Wilders. You can not tell me that I do not know Islam and Islam is something else. I am grown up with this religion. It has mercy until you observe its commands, until you are devoted. But when you reject, it has ruthless commands to vanish you from the ground. Have you ever
heard that a Muslim in Iran could freely announce, “I myself want to
choose my religion and I do not like Islam”. Have you heard islamic leaders have hold demonstration against terrors by the name of islam,?No killing people for this religion is piece of cake. they only hold
demonstrations only when somebody question islam.
if you see somewhere Islam is Moderate, be sure that it has not been able to gain the power yet.
An a word to non Muslims; you should remember that most of Muslims have no faults they are only born by name. They do not believe it in their mind. They can not escape from it.